An education management company based in Kathmandu, the mission of Ace Education Ventures (AEV) is to improve learning environment and student experience at schools and colleges in Nepal. AEV does so by helping schools and colleges design, develop and implement a system for continually assessing and improving their teaching, learning, and student engagement.

AEV Administered Educational Institutions

AEV Philosophies on Learning

  • A learner learns more when she assumes responsibility for and self-regulates her learning.
  • A lifelong learner embraces humility and avoids intellectual arrogance.
  • One learns more by competing with self and cooperating and collaborating with others.
  • Learning is a choice; with mental effort and persistence everyone can learn.

AEV Values

  • Honesty in work
  • Sincerity in relationships
  • Respect for self and others
  • Responsibility for one’s actions
  • Care for resources
  • Respect for laws and regulations
  • Reflecting on and learning from our experience

AEV Team

Ajay Ghimire

Chairman & President

Siddhartha Kedia

Vice President

Ashish Tiwari

Vice President

Anjali Acharya

Director – HR, Finance & Admin

Sovanlal Bhattacharya

Director – Information Analytics

Vijay Anand Sharma Timilsina

Director – Learning Design & Innovation

Sunil Ojha

Associate Director – Learning Design & Innovation

Dhiroj Shrestha

Associate Director – Student Experience

Ramesh Shrestha

Associate Director – Human Resource

Roshan SJB Rana

Manager - Marketing & Brand

Dhiraj Upadhayay

Manager – Information Analytics

Pragya Duwal

Assistant Manager – Information Analytics

Sabin Dhakal

Executive officer - Finance

Kiran Bhetwal

Officer – Marketing & Brand

Preeti Upadhyaya

Officer – Human Resources